Looking for a quicker quick-add on mobile, also more universal

I want a minimal-friction Braintoss-like way to add items on the spur of the moment. I can classify and add due dates later. I just want a quick way to not forget something.

From my Android home screen, I’m one click or gesture to open the Checkvist app. If I’m lucky, I’m on the Lists screen, from where I can choose Quick add. If I’m lucky, the last list I added to was Unfiled, which is my “inbox” list. I can swipe-type or voice-type, hit enter and I’m done.

If I’m already on the Unfiled list, then I have to click (+) to add an item, but then I have to choose above, below, or subtask. I wish I had a big quick-add button there as well.

Meanwhile, on the Due list, where is where I like to spend most of my time, I don’t have any add options at all.

I wish I had a big quick-add-to-designated-inbox-list button at all times everywhere.


Hello @charliehamu,

Thanks for the suggestion. By the way, have you tried Braintoss + email-in-task integration for Checkvist - would it work for you?

Kind regards,

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Think I found a way to do this quicker quick-add on Android at least:

  1. Use Lynkjet Browser (formerly Chromer)
  2. Load this Checkvist bookmarklet in Lynkjet
  3. Set Lynkjet to use Web heads and not close after web heads are clicked.
    Under Settings -> Browsing Mode and Settings -> Browsing Options

Lynkjet will ask for overlay permissions to display over other apps. This enables a web head using the bookmarklet that will close the overlay upon hitting “Add to list” but leave the web head as a quick add button over any running apps. You don’t even have to change your default browser. You can close the web head from the notification shade or drag it to the trash can whenever you want to clear the quick add, then just relaunch Lynkjet and go to the bookmarklet URL in Lynkjet’s Recent Pages whenever you want to enable the web head as a quick add button.

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Hmm. Did it. Might take some getting used to. I note, like several other options, that I have the frustration of needing an extra click in the text box to get a keyboard. And then yet another click to collapse the keyboard to get to the “Add to list” button.

Thanks! I play around with this some.

I tried this now (Braintoss - because I was also looking for an easy way to capture quick voice memos), and so far it seems to work decently. BUT it looks like it will not allow me multi-line add for some reason?
At least not when I want the following items to be sub-items.

Hello Don,

Thanks for the follow-up, I’m glad Checkvist works with Braintoss.
As far as I understand you integrated it via e-mail, i.e. subject becomes the list item and body becomes the note. How would you expect sub-items to work?

All the best,

Hello ! I experience trouble with Braintoss since the new update - The Checkvist List URL ist said to be “INVALID” when I try to use it in Braintoss. (Maybe too long ?). So braintoss doesn’t let me use the Checkvist URL anymore.

Do you experience similar issues ? I have contacted the Braintoss support. they are (to be polite) not really really responsive :face_with_monocle:

Ok I just received the support answer from Braintoss :face_with_monocle:

Hi Thomas ,

this is a bad email addess and can not be used:

post+39821f42479a0e5fd35c72b36c5da2acb8348e6b02c8d9c8d4b241a627e62e is an invalid email address.

Kind regards,


The Support Team

What a great support answer :joy:

Is there a way to change the “Checkvist list E-mail address” to be more “conventional” in order to have it to work with Braintoss ?

Or do you know an alternative to Braintoss ? It seems like the company developing it isn’t doing it as a main buisness. I don’t have the feeling I could rely on it…

I don’t see “@checkvist.com” in the email address in your error message.

I had this problem once, and solved it by gong to the list on checkvist.com, getting the email address again, going to Braintoss, and deleting and re-adding the email address.

If that’s not the problem but a too-long email address is the problem, you can email to Gmail and set up a rule for Gmail to autoforwatd from Braintree to Checkvist. People use a similar trick to get Android note-to-self feature to integrate with Checkvist.

Hello Charlie,

I actually entered to correct e-mail addres, but only cutted it in the post in order to not make it public.

Thanks for the trick with re-forwarding from Gmail. Why not, I will give it a try since I already purchased Braintoss.

Also I have just found a very good alternative to Braintoss, that perfectly works with Checkvist : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dzogchenltd.emailyourself&hl=en_US

I can add several schorcut on my android desktop. I like to possibility to have 2 shortcuts : one to add a task to my business inbox, and another for my private inbox (Checkvist Inbox).

It takes me only 2 clicks to collect ideas which is nice. Having to navigate to much on the phone in order to collect a ideas or task could be the bottleneck of a personal organisation system.

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Hmm. Confusing. I have the latest Braintoss and it’s working fine sending directly to Checkvist. Was it a Braintoss update or a Checkvist update that messed you up? I note that my Checkvist post-to-list email address is shorter: post+abcdefghjikl+123456@checkvist.com

Here is a link describing the Gmail forwarding trick: https://blog.checkvist.com/post/166211586218/android-note-to-self-to-checkvist-voice-command

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An advantage of Braintoss for me is that I can customize the subject line itself to include the whole message plus a ^today. And Braintoss also does reasonably well transcribing voice memos (but including the sound file just in case) and attempting to describe photos (usually with hilarious results, but also including the photo attachment).

Hello ! Yes, your list e-mail adress is definitely shorter than mine. I guess this is the issue.

Anyway here are the reasons why I will stick to the Email Yourself app, according to my personnal needs and habits :,

  • I want a very quick idea/task collection, into both of my personal AND buisness inboxes, both in the same Checkvist account. Whit this app I can put 2 shortcut on my android phone, with 2 different configuration.

  • I don’t really need to collect voice message, or then I use the build-in google voice recognition that is quite good.

The app allow different way to collect task : it could open a blank e-mail in gmail with the correct List e-mail already entered, or open a custom quick window with subject and note. Also you could set a Default Subject too.

Normaly it should work to directly send any pictures or file of android within 1-click, but I didn’t managed to get this to work… let’s see !

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