Locking my list

I have one list on Checkvist that I use weekly, on a notebook (so, web).

I don’t know what I’m doing to cause this, but for the last few weeks, when I open this list, the last item (which is a sub-item to my actual last item) has been move to be #1 on my list.

Is there a way to “lock” the list so that list items don’t accidentally move?

I don’t believe you can lock the list in the way you want. However, are you in the habit of using CTRL+HOME in other apps to move to the top? That was my problem

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Hello @cara ,

It is not possible to lock the list.

There is an unofficial trick to disable ctrl+home shortcut. For this, you can open Javascript console in your browser and type localStorage.setItem("cv.disable.ctrlHome", true).

I’ve started thinking that we should add it to the Checkvist settings…

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Hi Maxkir,

I’m getting better, but it affects me once a month, so I would find this setting helpful. Thank you for all you do.

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