LL command (change list): allow to open list in new tab (using keyboard only)


When I’m working on list A and I want to do just a quick addition or edit on another list B, my preference is to open that other list B on another tab and, when I finish adding or editing, I just close the tab and I’m back with the list A opened as it was. However, the LL command does not allow me to open another list, in another tab, using only the keyboard. I can only, if using Shift + Enter, open in another window, but I would like to be able to open in another tab in the same window.

Hello @Francisco_Barros,

Thanks for your patience. Unfortunately, in Chrome we did not manage to handle this in a way that the page opens in the new tab. In FireFox, new tab is opened on Shift+Enter. So this behaviour is browser-specific :frowning:

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I had the idea of looking for a Google Chrome extension that would force the opening of links always in a new tab (and not in a new window) and, accidentally, while I was re-testing modification keys combinations (Ctrl, Shift, Alt) with Enter key, I found that the AltGr + Enter combination opens links on a new tab! Here is the record if, in the future, someone searches for it.

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@Francisco_Barros: Thanks for reporting your finding! :slight_smile:

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