Lists not synced correctly on mobile (data loss?)

I created a list and shared it with my partner. Her mobile app is not showing the latest version of the list anymore. Several top-level categories in her list are missing compared to what I see in mine.

Additional details:

  • I shared this list weeks ago. We collaborated on it, and everything was working fine until this morning.
  • The only thing I can think of that correlates with this issue happening is last weekend I crossed off many items in the shared list. The list I’ve shared has about 100 items, organized in several sub-lists. After I would cross off all child items in a sub-list, the parent sub-list item gets automatically crossed off. The incorrect version of the list that appears on her mobile no longer displays any of the sub-lists that were automatically crossed off.
  • When I login as her account to www_checkvist_com (not m_checkvist_com) on Chrome on her phone, the list looks correct.
  • When I login as her account to m_checkvist_com, both on Chrome on her phone, and on Chrome on a separate laptop that’s never logged in as her before, the list looks incorrect.
  • She only uses m_checkvist_com app on her phone.
  • When I login as myself, either to m_checkvist_com or www_checkvist_com, from laptop or phone, all shared lists look correct.
  • We tried clearing the app cache and dragging down to refresh the list on her mobile app, to no avail.

This has now happened with 3 different shared lists.

  • Note: In my above text, replace m_checkvist_com with and www_checkvist_com with; this forum does not let me type more than 2 domains in a single post.

Hello Rich,

Sorry for the problem. Given that it does not work in Chrome/ I suppose this could not be “Hide completed” mode for the list items, correct?

Could you please send us e-mail (to with URL of the corresponding list(s).

Thank you,

Thank you so much Kir for resolving my issue over email.

The issue was 100% user error. I missed that there was a little red pin icon :pushpin: enabled in the bottom right of the app. This pin was toggled on, causing the UI to focus on 1 list item and hide all the rest of the items. Once I un-pushed the pin, the list looked exactly as I expected.

No data loss. Synchronization is working perfectly across accounts, devices, and browsers.

Checkvist is awesome. Thanks for the prompt and spot-on support!

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