Lists list on the left corner?

Switch between lists are slow, need fast. ll or click the “Lists” button is not convenient.
Put the lists on the left corner, and make them visible all the time or can toggle the visible will be much handy.


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Thanks, we’ll think about it. Maybe some favorite lists navigation would be useful as well.

For the super-fast switching between lists you may open them in a separate browser tabs and use keyboard shortcut like Cmd+number or Ctrl+number on windows to switch between tabs. Or Cmd+Alt+Right/Left to go to the next/previous tab.

Would it work?

Yes, these shortcuts can be helpful.

I prefer to use Checkvist as an independent app(Turn Chrome PWA on), like usual app. And there is no tab, but can open multi instance and switch by Alt+Tab or Win+Tab.

Switching like this or switching between tabs will be mixed with other apps or tabs, which will affect independence.

I used, I think they do switching better.

But still, if our app support this swithing itself, will have a smooth experience, this would be good.


Thanks for the feedback. Please vote/watch for this uservoice ticket, we will think about implementing something like this in the future.