List contents not showing in mobile app

Hi there,

The contents of some of my lists aren’t showing in the mobile app. The list itself is there, but when I go into it there are no items. In the desktop version, I can see all items in the list.

Is anyone else having this issue?

I’m on Android 11, One UI v 1.0 on a Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Using latest version of Chrome.



An update - the when I go to on my laptop, I can see all the list items…curious.

Hello @lorikeet ,

I’m sorry for the delayed answer. Can you see the contents of your lists if you open your account as in browser?

If so, could you please try to reset caches in the mobile app, at the URL Checkvist Mobile. It is section Profile → App version and caches.

Hope this helps,

Hi there,

Apologies right back at you - I seem to have missed the notification of your reply. I’ve cleared the cache and I can see the content now.

Thanks for your help.

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