Link to a file on the harddrive

is it possible to link a file stored on my harddrive to a task in checkvist?


Unfortunately, no :frowning: You can place a file into Dropbox and put a Dropbox link for your file into Checkvist, or something like that. Checkvist works only with internet URLs.

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The best I could do in chrome is to put similar URL to the following in an item on Checkvist. It’ll automatically be made a link …

  1. file:///C:/Users/name/filename.txt
  2. file:///C:\Users\name\filename.txt

If I click either link it will just open a blank “about:blank” page.
If I drag and drop either link to title bar of chrome, it will open a blank “about:blank#blocked” page.

Only doing copy the URL via “Ctrl-C” on the item and “Ctrl-V” on the addressbar of chrome, opens the file.

However this have an alternative solution of launching an instance of Chrome that allows local file access. Depending on your use case that may be an acceptable technique.

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Hi sabre23t,
thanks for your hint!
Copy and Paste the link works with some restrictions, but its ok for my requirements…

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