Keyboard shortcuts in three-dot menus

I like to use the full CheckVist program – the web version, not the mobile one – on tablets or even phones. The main problem is that the keyboard shortcuts don’t work. I can use the three-dot menus pretty well: but that would be easier if the keyboard shortcuts worked in those menus as well. In other words, I would like to tap on the three-dot menu by an item, then enter, say, “tt” to tag it. That would be very close to the normal use of the program!

If this is about being able to search the shift-shift menu by typing the command’s shortcut, then I am all for it too.

I also use the web version on my phone because the mobile version does not provide all the commands I need.

Hello friends,

Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll add matching by the keyboard shortcut in the shift+shift window, to allow finding “tag” command with the tt text.

Please check how it works on our beta.

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That is fantastic! It makes the full program almost as easy to use on a phone as on a computer. I’ll still use the mobile app when I’m going offline, for the Quick Add, and for some other simple tasks; but now I can leave my computer at home most of the time. As usual, your responsiveness is extraordinary.

Charles Heckscher

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Shift+shift is a powerful concept, and we are glad to improve it even more.
Thanks a lot for the suggestion!