Keyboard shortcut to toggle hints sidebar?

Is there a shortcut to show/hide the hints sidebar? The one that appears when I click the “keyboard” icon in the top bar. Sorry if I missed it.

I wasn’t able to find a hints sidebar. Shift-shift usually gives me what I need.

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Sorry, there is no way to hide the sidebar from the keyboard. We thought it is a very infrequent operation so it does not deserve its own shortcut.

Maybe we should add a command to show/hide sidebar from the keyboard, but as @RobertW mentioned, all the shortcuts could be found in shift+shift command palette.

What do you think?

It’s a habit I have from using Workflowy and Dynalist, having Keyboard Shortcuts sidebar always visible, and closing it whenever I want a wider view of the list.

Both Shift Shift and ? are nice and comprehensive, so I understand why you might think the sidebar does not deserve more attention. Still, the sidebar is nice in that it can be always there, next to the list, not on top of it.

This is just FYI (I understand Checkvist does not have to imitate other products closely):

  • Workflowy and Dynalist both use Ctrl+/ to toggle Keyboard Shortcuts sidebar.
  • The sidebar is motionless in the viewport, it does not scroll out of the view when a long list is scrolled down.
  • It does not float on top of the list, obscuring the ends of longer lines.

I imagine implementing the last two would require a fair bit of work, and are a departure from the minimalist appearance of Checkvist. :smiley:

CORRECTION: it’s only a textarea (edit mode) that gets obscured by the Keyboard Shortcuts panel. In the normal mode, the lines wrap.