Keyboard Shortcut to Launch a Link

Pop Quiz - What is the keyboard shortcut to launch a hyperlink in a list? (I guess I will be known by my movie references.)


Are you asking about the ‘gg’ shortcut?
That would launch the first hyperlink in a list item.
Or did you mean something else? :slight_smile:

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:grinning: Yes. Thank you.

At first, I thought it wasn’t working in Firefox until I realized the little notification to “allow Pop ups for Checkvist”.

I found there are 2 shortcuts but not sure of the difference. There is also “Shift gg” which seems to do the same thing. I did a search in discuss and it didn’t seem like this question had been asked so I thought I would ask it. Also, for some reason I missed it when doing “Shift Shift” but eventually found it after seeing your answer (funny how that works).

Keyboard Tip:

  • In Firefox pressing the single quote and typing the text of a hyperlink automatically brings focus to any link on the browser page and allows you to launch it. Works with Checkvist

  • Chrome/Edge you would need to use Control F to find the text, then escape, and then enter. Does not work with Checkvist

It’s supposed to open the link in a new tab (see Checkvist help/reference → “Navigate”), and usually does (for me)

Sometimes it does (for me) - ie. opens in the current checkvist tab rather than a new one as intended. I can’t reproduce this reliably, but it happens now and then. Don’t know whether it’s a Checkvist or Firefox bug.

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It was Checkvist’s bug. Thanks a lot for noticing! I hope, now this bug is fixed and Shift+gg should reliably nowopen the new tab, as expected.

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