Jira or Github icons not showing when using the clipper

When I use the Clipper on gmail, I see the icon on the list item created. Using the clipper on a Github or Jira issue, I am not see the icon on the list item.


Thanks for letting us know.

It works for me on pages like KT-18629 Add breadth-first search to FileTreeWalk by gilbertojrequena · Pull Request #4893 · JetBrains/kotlin · GitHub

Basically, Jira/Github icons should be recognized on pages with specific entities, could you share URLs of the pages where it does not work for you?

Thank you,

We have on-prem (behind firewall) Github Enterprise with URL git.<company_name>.com.
Our Jira is Cloud, so <company_name>.atlassian.net

Hello Brian,

I’m sorry for a delay with the answer. I’ve made a fix which, I hope, will solve the issues. But first the new version of the bookmarklet should be accepted by the Google review team. As soon as it is done and bookmarklet gets the version 2.4.1 - it should detect Jira pages and GitHub enterprise pages better.

Hope this will work for you,