Items "of unknown origin" added to my list

I hope I can remember what I just did to cause this to happen…

I was in my list, on a sub-item (I called it level 2). I inserted a new item below the item I was on. I hit TAB, intending the new item to be a sub-item (level 3) of that sub-item (level 2).

All (or maybe just some?) of my already-existing level 2 items of the level 1 item moved to level 3, and NEW items that I don’t even think were on my list were added! There are 2 or 3 new items on my list that look familiar – almost as if they were previously on my list but deleted, and have now been restored without me wanting them restored? They also appear similar-to-but-not-exactly-the-same-as actions I just took in Excel, before performing the insert in Checkvist…almost as if you guys are watching me :wink:

Is that possible? Does my list remember old items and bring them back?

Hello Cara!

Are you sure this list is not shared with anyone? Maybe there were some parallel edits. Usually they are marked with an orange frame.

When you delete a list item, it is put into invisible “trash” and can be restored from there using rd shortcut (from restore deleted). But the items should not restore themselves, unless there is a bug.

Another possibility - if you use “Ctrl+V” shortcut, Checkvist may paste the contents of the clipboard into the current list.

So far, no other ideas.

And I can assure you, we were not watching you :slight_smile: We look into customer’s data only with prior explicit permission.

Please let me know if anything above could explain what you noticed.

Kind regards,