Is there honestly no way to simply duplicate a bullet?

If you hit aaa to toggle action console… you have every option listed except duplicate or copy bullet
If you try to copy to clipboard and paste, format is gone

I mean seriously console menu actions

And yes I finally found the keyboard command which could be found by clicking on the keyboard icon at the very top right of the UI

But this is un-intuitive and took way too long to find… Can this be added to connsole action menu?

You probably already discovered that Ctrl+D duplicates an item but you are right that it should be easier to find on a menu. When you are new to a program it has to be very easy and quick to get to what you are looking for or you might give up on a great program. For someone used to Vim style commands and used to memorizing keyboard shortcuts it is no big deal but we are not all blessed with that experience. I think with some careful thought and minor restructuring of submenus both styles can be served.

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Hello Joe,

We did not add Ctrl+D into the actions menu as in our experience, such “duplicate” shortcut is a typical one, like Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V for copy/paste. At the same time, aa menu is already over-filled with other actions.

We have some good ideas on how to improve the discoverability of actions, but it will take time to implement.

Thanks for the feedback!