Is there a Lock Mode?


Please consider applying the lock mode.

I knew Checkvist is dedicated for keyboard use.
So, Editing on the mobile is not comfortable.
But, just browsing on the mobile is also not comfortable.

That’s why when I scroll using right side of screen on mobile. it is recognized “editing line” very often. or using left side, it goes to the first line of current list very often.

So, Some list / outline apps like Dynalist, Transno have the Lock mode.
Editing is not locked when it selected.



Could you please clarify, are you talking about or

Also, what do you mean “it goes to the first line of current list very often”?

In general, Lock mode is an interesting idea, but we need to understand better the scenario when it is used.



It was “” on the mobile.
As you guided, I tested “”.
It is quite different.

Thanks for your guide.


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