Is it possible to share a list on the mobile?

I can’t figure out how to share a list I’ve created on the mobile (Safari, iOS 11.4.1).
I’ve tried PWA, the website ( without the ‘m.’), portait/landscape orientation — I can’t see the control. The help has a Youtube video with the desktop UI, I don’t even see the toolbar where the button is supposed to be. I couldn’t find similar topics here, to my surprise — don’t people collaborate on the mobile? :thinking:

Hello Igor,

PWA at has noticeably less features than the desktop version, and it does not allow to share lists at all. For that, use the the desktop version.

People can collaborate on the list if the list is already shared.


The problem is that I can’t see the button in the desktop version of Checkvist on the mobile as well.

Right, looks like we better hide topbar icons than Share button. Please try in landscape mode - you should be able to access Share button there.

It works, thanks a lot!

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