Is custom CSS (PRO feature) work in checkvist mobile?

If yes, I will pay for PRO just because of this feature.

Sorry, not yet. What would you like to customize there? We considered adding Darcula mode there, and probably font size switcher, but not more.

  1. Dark mode
  2. Reduce left margins of items on each level, including root level too. Because items on level >=4 are located too much on the right side of the screen, and long title are wrapped, and it will not so comfortable to edit them as expected. (I know about «pin» feature, but I need to move these items up on the tree, not only rename)
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I like the desktop version on mobile, which of course shows custom CSS. I only change to the mobile version if I have change the order of tasks.

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For me, it would be to change the bg colors on items with priority 3-6, like I do on the desktop :slight_smile:

Just in case, we have a corresponding feature request, you may vote for it to get notified about updates: