Increase font size of the box from which new entries are added to the document

I have managed to get checkvist to look the way I want it to, except for one thing: the font size in the box from which a new entry is added to the document.

If I edit a previously added entry, the edit box does display the text in the proper font-size.

But while I am adding a new entry, it displays at a very small size.

Does anyone know how I can increase the font size of the box from which a new entry is entered?

I admit it’s kind of brute force, but won’t this change the font size:

textarea.text_input {
	font-size: 200% !important;
	line-height: 1.4 !important;

That worked. Thanks a lot. It now looks as I wanted.

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Glad to hear that it worked. :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is helpful, I’ve been wondering how to change the font style within the input box. I knew there had to be a way :slight_smile: