Incorrect list style applied to nested item?

I have a list where the default list style is Bullets. I then added a nested item to that list and applied a custom style so that its children are numbered, rather than bulleted. However, the result is that they are both numbered and bulleted. Is that correct? I assume not, because when I apply other custom list styles, I only see the customized style - not a combination of styles. You can see what I mean in the picture below. Is Five and Six supposed to have a bullet and a number?


Hello @refactorsaurusrex,

Thanks for noticing the problem and writing us about it. We’ve made the fix for the issue, and published it to . Basically, the idea is to allow combining checkboxes with numbering, but disallow combining of bullets either with number or with checkboxes. Could you please check how it works in your lists?


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It’s fixed! Thank you, as always, for the fast turn around.

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