Importing `.md` files as lists

I know how to import a single Markdown file, but is there a way to import a number of Markdown files, with each file ending up as a list in Checkvist? Say, hypothetically, that one would have exported from another tool ;).

Conversely, if needed, is there a way to do the reverse, that is download all the lists as a number of Markdown files? The documentation says something about being able to manually export all the lists as OPML inside a zip, so maybe this is only possible with OPML, but not Markdown, but somehow I am not finding where I can trigger this from the UI.


Hello Alex,

In fact, proper import from Markdown is not implemented yet. Basically, Checkvist should better handle Markdown headers when importing and build corresponding list structure. Not there yet.

Bulk export to Markdown is not available as a feature. But a very simple and quick export to markdown is also available if you append .md suffix to the list URL, like here:

As for the bulk export to OPML, it is available on the “Backup” tab, as Manual backup: (PRO feature).

May I ask which tool with markdown files do you use?


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Hi Kir,

Good to know!

Roam, but really beyond my small use case:

  • I think that starting with checking that things work well with the Markdown files exported by Roam makes sense:
    • Technically, each Markdown file (corresponding to what they call a “page”), is essentially an outline, and thus corresponds very well to a “list” in Checkvist.
    • “Commercially”, they gathered a lot of interest in 2020, but when comes the time to renew, a combination of the high price they charge, data loss problems, and generally fading enthusiasm might cause some of those initial users to look for alternatives.
  • There are a number of other popular “note taking” apps that either can export or even directly work on Markdown files. None of them (at least that I know of), are as good as Checkvist when it comes to outlining, and users who “see the light”, might be tempted to switch if doing so is made easier.


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Alex, thanks a lot for the feedback! Roam is an interesting tool with quite some potential, and we’re glad to see the development of new apps in the knowledge management and task management fields.

We’re in a smaller niche, for people who truly like the keyboard-driven design - and we have lots of ideas on how to make Checkvist even better. :slight_smile:

All the best,

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