Images in opml export

I am trying to export lists to a custom software (while playing with the idea of user-selectable reading time of written articles: Timeslicer ), and opml seems like the good format for me.

However, I have issues with images:

  <outline text="![|75%](Screenshot_from_2022-08-24_17-34-05.png)" uploads="oaXQ1eGn3mDisn,o7Tc4i4L1vO4Sh" uploads_count="2"/>

My questions:

  • How do I generate a url from the “upload”?
  • Which upload is the embedded one?

Thanks for helping!


You can use URL like /get_file/AwlZFJHyyzzz5A and it should redirect to the actual file (time-limited link).

I’m afraid at the moment there is no way to tell for sure which upload references to the file until you download the referenced uploads. Maybe it is not a big problem?

Hope this helps,

This helps, thank you!

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