I'm leaving Checkvist, and here is why ✌

After more than one year using CheckVist, I decided to quit and return to my former Outliner 8 (PC Software) that I used for almost 8 years.

I consider CheckVist to be one (or THE) best outliner to be used in a browser. And this is the reason why I wanted to use it for my personnal life, while I kept using my other outliner Software at work.

But I just realised that :

  • I have not the same Task-managing Speed that I have on PC, with a software.
  • Having to play with differents lists instead of having one big Outline with only filter option is time-consuming and make me lost the overview
  • I have tried a lot to play with CSS in order to get “Eyes-easy-to-read” list, but somehow didn’t manage it.
  • Not having a fully functional android app to use on the go was a big lack for me (I like to use 10 minutes of free time in the bus to sort and move my tasks on my phone)

What could partially explain this experience, is the fact that I used a Outliner Software before, during 8 years… So of course there is a kind of a habit.

But on the other side, I didn’t try it for only 1 month and gave up after, I really transferred my 5500 tasks into Checkvist, and really used it for more than 1 year. I was active on the forum, and have tried every tricks to get the best of it.

But at the end, the “little more effort” I add to manage my personal Task in Checkvist, pushed me to not open it, and to rather do professional projects that I could better handle in the other tool.

Nevertheless, I still consider Checkvist as one of the best “online” outliner. I also like the community, and responsiveness regarding question/trouble we may have.

Take care ! And stay productive ! :slight_smile:


Hi Thomas! What is the Outliner 8 software you mentioned?

@MaudMan, I use MLO (My life Organized). The learning curve is longer that with Checkvist, and you need to really implement functonnalities step by step (and not all of them) in order to not have it too complex. But then you can really have it to work exactly the way you want.

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I have used Checkvist for a little over 3 years and have tried several other task management options. Among those are Microsoft To Do, Todoist and Tick Tick. The only reason I used something other than Checkvist was for notifications. Tick Tick had about everything Checkvist has except for being keyboard centric. I have found that I can use mobile reminders for the times I really need them. Another great feature of Checkvist is searching. While searching in a list on mobile, Checkvist will return ALL results from the search. No other list that I have tried has this functionality.

Before Checkvist, I used an ancient outliner called “TK Outline” which was simpler but effective and then Workflowly. Checkvist to me seemed intensively better than either, and I am just continually amazed at the utility and improvements. I don’t think it will ever be perfect, but I am sticking with it maybe forever. I still don’t begrudge anyone for using other tools. Just glad that Checkvist is still going strong and feel it is very underappreciated.


Thanks! I have tested MLO in the past and felt it had way too much “bloat” for what I needed. :slight_smile: I love Checkvist, but over the past year that I’ve used it, I found that I ended up only using it for managing links, and I migrated back to MS To Do for tasks since that’s what we use at work and it fully integrated with Office 365. Not perfect, but it does everything I need and more. I don’t really have a need for an outliner, but when I do, I simply use plain text with a good markdown editor.

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I also use Checkvist for many years and also used it for task management for some time.
For me, however, I have found that I am a very visual guy and therefore I don’t do so well with the outline format for task management. For this purpose, I prefer to use multiple taskboards that give me a clear overview. My tool of choice here is https://stacks.rocks/ with all the advantages and disadvantages of having the data locally on the PC.

Checkvist is unbeaten for me when it comes to complex checklists. Both in a work context and e.g. for my vacation lists I have not found anything better than Checkvist. The consistent keyboard support makes Checkvist unique. It is a great tool for many occasions and a pleasure to use. The one perfect tool for all occasions I haven’t found yet and I doubt it exists.

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Dear friends,

Thanks for all your kind words, feedback and concerns. We do understand that Checkvist has many weaknesses and lacks some features. But we also proud that it helps (helped to some) in your projects.

The last months of 2021 were really difficult for us, we had to almost stop the development of the tool.

Now, we’re going to come back on track and finalize some features we’ve started, and bring to life more parts of our Checkvist vision.

We wish you all happy 2022, best luck, and achieving your goals :slight_smile:



All the best to you for 2022 too, and thanks for (what I find to be) a truly useful piece of software. No software’s perfect, nor equally suited to all users, but for my purposes I’ve found Checkvist to be one of the very few products I’ve stuck with for some years. It does everything I need, much of what I want, and seems to me to be made with good taste - which probably just means it matches my tastes :wink:

Well that’s alarming! Hope this year improves matters.


I can’t live without Checkvist! Very glad to hear that development has continued. Here’s hoping that 2022 proves to be a better year for you guys than the end of 2021. :slight_smile:


Since my first contact with the Apple world (in 93) I used More 3.1, OmniOutliner, and finally now Checkvist (for more than 5 years). I used it as a true outliner, not a task manager (for that, I use ClickUp -work- or RememberTheMilk -home-).
I use it to write down my coding spec and workflows, sharing doc URLs with ClickUp or the company Jira repository.
For a keyboard-centric software engineer like me, Checkvist is the best.

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An update and more of a reason to use Checkvist:
I had to remove the link to my Google calendar and re-initiate the link. After doing so, the sync works almost immediately and allows me to edit on my Galaxy phone in either the Samsung app or the native Google calendar. Microsoft todo doesn’t show up in the Samsung calendar and Keep reminders only show in Google calendar.
If Checkvist adds a way to set the time with the date, it will be perfect for scheduling everything.

Checkvist is without a doubt the best tool I have ever used! I am the director of technology at a small school system. I frequently amaze my co-workers when they ask a question and I am able to pull up Checkvist and give them a very specific answer. Keeping track of almost everything in one solid place is fantastic!
I do wish you all the best in the coming years!


Kevin, try using syntax “at 18:00” in the text of the list item with due date, this should work to specify time when synchronizing with the Google Calendar.

It is not very convenient, but should work as a workaround.

And thanks a lot for the kind words!

Hope this helps,