Ignore accents / diacritics in search

Small UI improvement I’d find handy:

I used Checkvist to make a rough project outline for a Slovak-speaking audience, meaning I had to actually use diacritics. SK netspeak however omits them and a lot of people don’t have them in muscle memory when trying to quickly navigate UI.

To improve usability, Chrome for instance allows searching in a page for terms sans diacritics while still finding words with diacritics; i.e. searching for “dlzen” will find “dĺžeň”. (Google’s searching works the same way.)

Would it be possible to make this work for the Checkvist search bar? (Having had to deal with this in my apps, a quick first approach is instead of searching the actual text, one searches in text transformed by doing NFD or NFKD Unicode normalization and removing all combining characters, with the search terms transformed the same way; i.e. the haystack text is different than the displayed text.)

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Thanks a lot for mentioning this issue. Shame on me, I did not know there is a built-in normalization functions in Javascript - so did not use them when implemented filtering. Will try to squeeze it into the next update.
By the way, the full-text search in Checkvist (by double-enter) should already use this normalization.

Thanks again,