Iframe.html is now breaking out

Can no longer put checkvist in iframe. The /iframe.html is now breaking out into browser.

Was alright till last week. Something seems to have changed over the weekend?

Hello Omar!

Sorry for the problem, it is probably a side effect of one of our refactorings.
Could you please explain in more detail, how do you use Checkvist in the iframe?


I was using an app on mac that makes websites appear as applications with keyboard shortcut. So, I made an app out of checkvist. Now it is no longer working, because the app tries to load the iframe.html and then it opens the website in your browser.

Hello Omar,

Could you please try using url https://checkvist.com/iframe.html?/checklists in your app which opens Checkvist - would it work as you expect?


Thanks for looking into it. In the meantime, i have found Chrome now can create desktop apps from websites and I can assign hot keys to it as well. Thus my problem is now solved with Chrome.

Thanks anyway for looking into it.

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