I like the change bar on checkvist mobile

I appreciate the change bars on the Checkvist mobile app.

I can see what I’ve changed that hasn’t yet been synched to the cloud.


Thanks for the suggestion!

I’ve added it to our mobile uservoice tracker: https://checkvist.uservoice.com/forums/239385-checkvist-mobile/suggestions/40156411-mark-locally-modified-and-non-syncronized-items


Am I missing something? I don’t see any change bar in my CheckVist mobile app… Or is Charlie perhaps talking about the badge showing the number of due items in the main screen?

See attachment.

Yes, in the dark mode we mark non-synched items with a bar line, in the white mode - with grey color.
But for the edited non-synched items we don’t show anything, hence the issue in the UserVoice.

So the difference of behavior is added items are shown with the bar line or a grey color, but EDITED items are not (yet, hence the user voice request) - is that correct?

Yep, that’s it. A bit more clear in the user voice post.