How to remove envelope from items created by "Add task via email"?


This question was asked several times recently. As in many cases, CSS customisation helps:

.userContent .fa-envelope { 
  display: none; 

Could be helpful if you don’t like extra icons :slight_smile:

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I like the envelope symbol to see which tasks were added by email. But I don’t need that forever, so it would be nice to be able to remove it, e.g., with ‘ct.’ Currently, it’s inaccessible and hidden when editing the task, unlike everything else. I wonder what others think about that. (Note that it’s in export: from_email=“1”, so not entirely inaccessible.)


‘ct’ operates on real tags, not on internal data. Probably we’d better re-implement it to make from_email a real tag, and this would allows editing this both in ‘ct’ and with smart syntax.

A workaround to remove this flag is to export an item in OPML format, remove from_email attribute from OPML text, and import it back.

Would it work for you?


I guess making it a real tag would be a good idea. As a workaround, I copy the content to a new task. No big deal. Could just be a little bit more convenient / consistent. :wink:

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That sounds great!

It would be nice if we could specify what our from_email tag should be, for those of use with a naming convention for our tags.


So is the current solution for removing the envelop to cut/copy and paste to a new item?

Yes, I’m afraid currently this is the only way.

+1 for making this easier. Real tag would be perfect.