How can I save work automatically in the App?

When I work in the app, rather than in on the browser, I often lose my work. It happens whenever I click open a page in the Chrome browser. When I go back to the app, my unsaved work is gone. Is there any way to have the app automatically save my work when it closes due to opening a browser page.

Hello Walt,

I’m sorry for the problem. Could you please clarify a bit on

Do I understand correctly that you use app, correct?
It should save your work automatically, basically, and even work offline.

Could you please describe the sequence of actions which we could repeat to see the problem?

Thank you,

Here’s the sequence:

  1. open the checkvist extension in the chrome browser
  2. begin editing a document
  3. click on a browser window tab or email popup
  4. returning to the extension I have to log on again and the edits are gone if I didn’t click save prior to clicking on the browser tab.
  5. It appears like clicking on the browser tab closes the extension without saving the work.

My solution has been to not use the extension and open a browser tab for checkvist. I can’t trust myself to remember to save work on the extension prior to moving to something I need on the browser.

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Hi Walt,

Thanks for the description of the problem. I did not realize that it is related to Checkvist Chrome extension. This is easily reproduceable, but I have to do additional research to see if this can be fixed.

So far, I’ve added the problem to our buglist, will let you know on progress.


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