Hiding the breadcrumb

I used to hide the breadcrumb in some presentations. That was some time ago. Today I wanted to do that again and couldn’t figure out how to do it. Was that feature removed?

Hello Ralf,

I’m afraid yes, we’ve removed this feature. We ourselves and some of our customers often hid the breadcrumbs unintentionally, trying to un-focus the list or change the focus level. Looks like the UI solution we had was not good :frowning:

I hope it does not bring lots of inconvenience. Do you need it often, could it be we could figure out a workaround for you?

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This explains why I couldn’t find it. I didn’t use it much when working alone. Maybe if I wanted to hide a “personal taste”-styling issue with longer (multi-line) breadcrumbs: (1) line-height is relatively large; (2) the small width looks a bit weird in ZEN mode when the icons to the right of the breadcrumb are hidden.

On the contrary, I used it frequently when presenting lists to others. Two reasons: (1) The somewhat distracting look of multi-line breadcrumbs, esp. in ZEN mode (see above). (2) Sometimes I don’t want to expose the context (i. e., hierarchy) to the audience.

No big deal, there are workarounds, it was just convenient for my use case.

Side note: When presenting lists, there is one issue for which I currently don’t have a workaround. When focussing on a subitem that is nested >1 level deep, there is no easy (“without thinking”) going back.

Hello @Ralf,

If I understand correctly, there is a workaround to hide breadcrumbs completely when ZEN mode is enabled, with a rule like

.zenMode .focusBreadcrumbs {
  display: none;

Would it work for your case?

If you were not focused before, Shift+Right toggles focus and removes focus completely.
But if you were partially focused before, that’s right, a couple of Shift+Left may be needed.
Or could it be related not to the focus but to selection? Could you give an example?


Hi @maxkir,

My workaround is xx, and I use a separate list. I don’t want always to hide the breadcrumb. (It would be more effort to change the CSS every time I want to hide or show the breadcrumb.)

That’s the use case. Suppose the list is the outline of a talk or an agenda. The focus is on section 4, and I want to quickly focus further on a subtopic nested >1 level deeper. E. g., because there was a question, and I want everyone to look at the same item. When going back, I need to be aware of the depth I went down. Navigating the list while talking to an audience and keeping an eye on the videoconferencing tool can be a challenge—in that situation, I just want to “go back” to the previous view without thinking.