Hide completed list items will not remember to hide completed list items if they contain a backlink (beta webapp)

What (is my expectation)

When using the [Hide completed list items - “hc”] function from the [List view options - “oo”], the list will not remember to hide the completed list items that contain a backlink. My assumption is that also completed items containing backlinks will stay hidden (even after for instance a refresh).

How (to reproduce this)

  • Create list A
  • Create an item X in list A
  • Create list B
  • Create an item Y in list B, and include a backlink to item X
  • For list B, enable [Hide completed list items] by executing the keyboard shortcut combination: ‘hc’ or by selecting the option checkbox under [List view options - “oo”]
  • On list B complete item Y
  • Observe item Y disappears. This will work.
  • Refresh list B (browser refresh/F5)
  • Observe list B is reloaded with [Hide completed list items] still active, but showing the completed item Y

See below screenshot (same situation reallife data)

Why (is this important?)

When opening and closing lists, this faulty state is shown (just like the refresh in the repro case). I switch lists quite often, and in order to truly hide the completed items (incl. the ones with the backlinks) I have to type “hc” twice.

Hello @jeroen ,

Thank you for the detailed bug report, it is indeed a problem. I believe we’ve fixed it. Could you please check how your lists now work on https://beta.checkvist.com?

Kind regards,

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@maxkir you rock. It is fixed!