Help us to test a new feature

Hello folks,

We’ve implemented and started testing a new go back / go forward feature, on Shortcuts are g left and g right.

The idea is to allow navigating across recent locations in the list. For instance, when you cut/paste a list item or move it to start/end of the list.

Would you find this useful? And please let us know if you notice any problems with it.


UPDATE: we’ve changed shortcuts from gb/gf to g left and g right


This is nice. It works in “normal” view, but also in “Due” view.
I don’t know yet if this will be useful. I’ll try to see in the next days if this is or not.

Thank you.


I do like the idea. Some thoughts:

  • It should be clear when a “position” is set. (E. g. after x milliseconds, maybe also other conditions, …)
  • What exactly should this feature be? Just “going back when lost” due to an action (as you have described), or a bit more like this: I’d like to have it consider the greater situation, i. e. it should also respect the expand/collapse state and hoist/unhoist. So it would be like an undo/redo for the “view+selection” states.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: If used more frequently, two-letter keyboard shortcuts are a bit awkward (compared to ctrl+up and ctrl+down). An alternative would be to have a single keystroke for “repeat last” and a modifier (like shift) to this single keystroke for “reverse last” such that it is quick to go back and forward the positions. (Like sometimes undo/redo with ctrl+z and shift+ctrl+z.)

Hello Ralf,

Thanks for the feedback.

The recording timeout is 0.5s, and also position is recorded on active operations like editing or focus. Duplicate positions are removed from history, whenever possible. I would not put implementation detail into help, though, what is more important is to match the expectations of the user.

Basically, the feature was inspired by “navigate back/forward” command in JetBrains IDE tools. Unfortunately, we cannot use the same shortcuts as they interfere with the browser’s back/forward ones.

One of the problems we were trying to solve is to allow spreading items from some node across different positions in the list, i.e. they should be able to go back after cut/paste operation.

That’s a good point, thanks. Using modifiers requires more effort to memorize the shortcuts, and we use two-letter ones to make it more easy to remember. At the same time, typing ‘gb’ is not very convenient if used often.

We’ve managed to change the shortcut to g left for go back and g right to go forward. Does it feel better from your point of view? The change is on beta already.


this feature is very useful for my kind of processing tasks. Also, it is unique, compared to other solutions.

I process my tasks according to FVP (a workflow invented by Mark Forster More on this on

This very simple processing involves left- and right brain - if there is one :wink:

In this workflow a task which is done, but NOT completed, will be “rewritten” at the end of the list.
This can be simply done by duplicating (CTRL+D) and moving the task to the end of the list(CTRL+END). Then, jump back (g+left) and mark the (origin) task as done (not hidden, so you can witness your progress). Now, with this shortcut, you are back where you left off immediately, complete the task and continue processing your tasklist.

Thus, this feature is very, very helpful… and makes checkvist better than paper for which Mark Forster systems are intentionally designed. Checkvist also works with every system by Mark Forster e.g. Autofocus or DoItTomorrow…

Thanks KIR!

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KIR, would it generate a conflict (e.g. with other shortcuts) if the shortcut will be changed to ‘g+up’ or ‘g+down’? IMHO this would be more “natural” because the list is in a vertical orientation.

All the Best,

Hi @fant,

I believe Back and Forward operations are associated rather with “left and right” than “up and down”. Imagine buttons on audio/video player. So no, I don’t think this is more natural.


after using it, I think your right…

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We’re live on the production site:

Thanks everyone!

Very small thing: the “What’s new” panel shows this as “June 05”, where I think you meant July instead of June (yes, time flies!).


:))) Thanks a lot, fixed!

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