Help: Font for headers and font for paragraphs

Hey fellow “checkvistas???”, found this for changing fonts on the on the CSS sample page:

.list-h1, .userContent {
font-family: ‘Source Code Pro’, monospace;

which led me to wanting two fonts:

  1. for headers [(mh); h1, h2, …???]
  2. for paragraphs [(non-mh); list???]

I cannot figure out the referencing, neither do I know CSS, which is why I’m posting this topic.

I hope someone would like to help a CSS noob like myself out :cowboy_hat_face:.

Thanks in advance!


To change font for H2, use .userContent h2 {} selector.
To change font for H2 and H3, use .userContent h2, .userContent h3 {} selector.

For generic content, simple .userContent {} should work.

Please try it out :slight_smile:


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It works, thank you!

The font of choice (source code pro) looks faded, when bold, are you familiar with the issue?