Handling of large lists


I’d just like to query handling of large lists.

I have several large lists of around several thousand items. I had previously one ultra-long list but split that into several lists. But even then, it seems Checkvist is struggling to load them. A few times I have got a message asking me to either either Wait or Stop (I believe). I use Firefox 78.0.2 on a W10 machine with 8GB of RAM if that makes a difference.

I don’t really want to split the smaller lists even further as it doesn’t suit; I wonder what your opinion is? It’s the first time in several years with Checkvist that I have experience this issue.

Thank you

Hello ! My Someday/Maybe list has 2433 Items… The loading is most of the time below 1 second. But for the moment I can deal with it. Having load time bigger than 1 seconds could be a issue for usuability.

Could it be Bandwidth related ? Try to acces with a Good LAN connection instead of Wifi to see if its better.

Thanks. The lag seems to be as long on my work computer. I imagine there’s not a magic fix, I’ll just have to monitor things.

Maybe it depends where you are leaving, and where Checkvist Servers are located ? I’m in Germany.


Personally, I don’t use lists with > 3000 items yet, and use many lists instead. We have plans on improving performance later this year, but it is not a simple job, and we’d like to improve linking first.