Group overdue by list in mobile

Mobile “due” - it would be very helpful if it were like the Windows version where you can group the overdue items by List. This would enable me, in mobile, to quickly focus on the overdue items in one list only. Are there any workarounds for this on mobile?

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You can open the list you’re interested in and use due:overdue filter at the top. Would it work as a workaround?


Thank you! That is a help which I will use.
I have approx 20 lists, and I was just trying to exclude 1 list, which is easy to do in the desktop version.
In mobile, is there a way to show all items overdue, except for one (very large) list whose items clog up the other items that I need to focus on?
Again many thanks for a super product!

austin titus

Hello Austin,

I’m afraid there is no way to exclude due tasks from a particular list on mobile app, sorry :frowning:
You can see due tasks in one list using filtering, but not exclude a list.

As a workaround, maybe you could try opening a non-mobile version of the due page on your mobile device. It’s URL would be

Hope this helps,