"Go to" shortcut (gg) without opening new tab (create option in Settings?)


I use the “Due Tasks” page often. When I see a task there and want to view it in context, the “gg” shortcut seems like the best way. Right now, it opens a new tab, meaning that eventually I have lots of tabs open, all on “Due Tasks” since I navigate back there eventually.

What do you think about adding an option to make “gg” open the page in the same tab instead of a new one?



We’re trying to keep the number of options to the minimum.

Why do you end up with many tabs open? After gg, you can always close the current tab with browser keyboard shortcut for tab closing, usually Cmd+W or Ctrl+W. Would it work for you?



I’m using a tablet right now and can’t try, but isn’t there gg for current tab, and GG for new tab? Maybe not on the due page.


There is an exception on the due page, gg there always open in the new tab. Requested and implemented some time ago, I would not want to change this behaviour so far.


Didn’t realize this was just on the Due page. Closing the tab (Ctrl+Shift+Tab, then Ctrl+W) is a fine workaround, it just adds a couple keystrokes to the shortcut.