"Go to" shortcut (gg) without opening new tab (create option in Settings?)

I use the “Due Tasks” page often. When I see a task there and want to view it in context, the “gg” shortcut seems like the best way. Right now, it opens a new tab, meaning that eventually I have lots of tabs open, all on “Due Tasks” since I navigate back there eventually.

What do you think about adding an option to make “gg” open the page in the same tab instead of a new one?


We’re trying to keep the number of options to the minimum.

Why do you end up with many tabs open? After gg, you can always close the current tab with browser keyboard shortcut for tab closing, usually Cmd+W or Ctrl+W. Would it work for you?


I’m using a tablet right now and can’t try, but isn’t there gg for current tab, and GG for new tab? Maybe not on the due page.

There is an exception on the due page, gg there always open in the new tab. Requested and implemented some time ago, I would not want to change this behaviour so far.

Didn’t realize this was just on the Due page. Closing the tab (Ctrl+Shift+Tab, then Ctrl+W) is a fine workaround, it just adds a couple keystrokes to the shortcut.

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The global search page behaves the same. I brought it up in the past. If you don’t mind, I’d like to consolidate (repost) here, from G+ and uservoice. I can create a new issue again here, if it helps.

Global search “go to” without spawning a new tab

(Uservoice, Nov 22, 2018)

The current behaviour of “gg” on the global search page is inconsistent.

When the selected item is a list title, “gg” navigates to the list (filtered by the search term) in the same tab. When the selected item is an entry inside a list, “gg” opens a new tab with the containing list pinned (focused) on the selected item.

To me, the “intuitive”, logical, and consistent behaviour for “gg” from the global search page would be the same as from any list. As defined in the Keyboard shortcuts Reference (as well as in the “?” cheatsheet):

gg Go to the first hyperlink (opens external links in a new window, Checkvist links in the current window)
Shift gg Always open hyperlinks in a new window

Note, this is not about “filtered” vs “focused” view, I do not advocate for one or the other. I think it’s nice to have that distinction available, as is. This issue is about “gg” opening a new tab (undesirable) instead of staying in the same tab.

“gg” description says “opens external links in a new window, Checkvist links in the current window”.

(Google Plus, March 09, 2018 )

“gg” description says “opens external links in a new window, Checkvist links in the current window”. However, when I do “gg” from a global search, the focused list opens in a new tab. Maybe I’m using a wrong command? Is there another way to navigate to a list from global search?

Kirill Maximov
For due and search pages ‘gg’ behaviour was requested to be different: gg does not open item in new tab?

You can always close the newly opened tab and get back to the search results with Ctrl+W shortcut (or its equivalent on Mac)

This behavior leads to proliferation of tabs. I’d like to jump around using global search while staying in a single tab. This would allow going back using tab history as well. Kirill Maximov , could you add an option to “Search options” (or introduce a different shortcut) to jump to search result in the same tab. Or perhaps even revert that fix, since there is [Shift gg] available for opening in a new tab. Thank you. I can enter this in Uservoice if that helps.

Kirill Maximov
Hello R A, could you describe your flow a bit?

I usually open tab with ‘gg’ and if it is not what I want I immediately close it with browser shortcut for tab closing (Cmd+W for me, on a Mac). No proliferation in this case.

I use Checkvist as a sort of personal knowledge base, and I tend to move where I need to using global search, rather than hierarchical drill down. I jump to the spot, make some additions, then want to come back to where I was or jump elsewhere. Of course, I can keep one “base” tab and keep closing the other ones (know the shortcut too), but it’s just not intuitive, and there is no history trail that I would be able to move back and forth in, if it was all in the same tab.

FYI, I’m able to keep everything in the same tab by setting “browser.link.open_newwindow” to 1 (Firefox). But that keeps external links in the same tab as well, which I’d rather avoid.

Kirill Maximov
Hello, please enter your request to the Uservoice, as I don’t think we’ll implement it very soon. Don’t want to introduce a specific option for that, and need more idea for a better solution.

Looks like the difference in behaviour brings confusion, indeed. I’ve corrected the gg to be the same on all pages, including due and search, on https://beta.checkvist.com. To always open the new tab, Shift + gg must be used.

Please let me know if it works now as expected.

I’d also like to invite @saurabhg9 to check how such behaviour would work.



Thank you, it feels completely natural now. Really like that I can navigate to either filtered or focused view, and remain in the same tab. Browser history navigation just works. Don’t have to think - do I need to go back, or do I need to close this tab (and sometimes look for the originating tab, since the browser does not return to it if I did some tab switching in between).

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Thanks, glad it works for you! Cannot say when we’ll update the production site yet, going to make some more fixes before that.


I really miss the earlier GG behavior when it would open a new tab.

I guess, I fall in the category of people who expect GG to open up a new tab, work on the new tab and close it coming back to the main source.

With the new behavior change, my clicks have drastically increased. I, for most times forget that it doesn’t open a new tab. Meaning I have to do a back history to get back on the main page, then press the shift modifier before doing a GG.
This is a big penalty for those workflow expects GG to open a new window.
Another issue is that there are many other use-cases where GG currently opens the target in a new tab (e.g. GG on an attachment or a link). The new changed model causes one to mentally adapt that GG != new tab and to redundantly press the shift modifier meaning unnecessary clicks.

Can we vote for this one? (i.e. whether GG should open a new tab or navigate away from existing)
Apparently uservoice only allows up-votes, but doesn’t allow down-votes - meaning it probably should be used for prioritizing new features, but not decisions on A/B use-cases

Ideally behaviors like these (GG opening new window or not) should be “special configurations”/ “advanced settings”, where the default behavior fits the common pattern, but configuration still allows possibilities for power users.

As long as Shift + GG opens in a new tab, I can live with it. The default for GG vs. Shift + GG was a design decision some time ago. I’d prefer it the other way round, but that’s just my personal way of using Checkvist.

@saurabhg9, @Ralf Thanks for the feedback. I start thinking that this is a case when we may need an option. And if so, we need to find out some reasonable and clear wording for it.

Will think about it, thanks,

Hello @maxkir ,

If it is not too much to ask, could you please rollback this functionality from the beta site, until we have a more formal and proper solution available for testing?

Don’t want to develop any keypress habits, which will be shortlived again.

Of course I could switch to the main site, but so far all my bookmarks have always used the beta site to enjoy the latest and report bugs.


If you are living on the edge (using beta), you accept that it is less stable and may have new features you don’t like. I know that because I’ve been doing this for many years with another project. Beta is the place to test out new ideas. I too would like to enjoy the latest. Thank you.

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Hello @saurabhg9 , please check option “Open links to items in a new tab” in the ‘oo’ options popup. Not sure this is a final variant, either.


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Hi @maxkir - this option works good enough. Now I can open it in new tabs.

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What is the current status of this option? I don’t see it anymore in the oo options popup. But all my links open in a new tab whether I press gg or actually click them with my mouse. Is this just the default behavior always now?

This option is available only on the Due and Search results pages, it is not available on the general list page.
External links are now always open in the new tab. internal Checkvist links on Due/Search pages depend on this option, and by default are opened in the same window.


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