Generative AI based additions to checkvist

Hi, I just discovered checkvist community space, and while I don’t have any immediate suggestion, I was surprised not to find anything related to adding some generative AI based feature to Checkvist.

Nonetheless, I see there could be some space to integrate generative AI APIs such as OpenAI or to enable Checkvist to support the user in “daily” tasks, such as transforming outlined content into discoursive content or summaries or…

Not sure this is something you have in mind already, anyway I’m curious to hear from you all about this topic. :slight_smile:

Hi Maurizio, welcome to the community!

Adding some AI-provided text generation to Checkvist is definitely possible, and we’re going to prototype something like this. We’d want to implement much more, like AI-powered semantic search across your lists, but it is a more difficult task.

I’m not aware of any cases when someone use Checkvist data (obtained via OpenAPI) to provide AI training or something like that.

By the way, thanks for the - I haven’t heard about this service.


Hey, thanks!

all that sound promising :slight_smile: is an output from the open research group. Various outputs are coming from such group, the most visible of which is currently Stable Diffusion, promoted by

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