Forum notifications issue

Hello friends,

I’m sorry for the messing up with e-mail notifications from the forum, looks like I mistakenly subscribed all of you to all the posts in the forum :frowning: .

Now I’ve undone it. Instead, I subscribed you to the first posts in new topics in the “News” and “Questsions&Suggestions” categories.

I’d appreciate if you review the notification settings at Preferences => Notifications => Categories and select the notification mode for the posts.

Watched” means you’ll get notified by e-mail on every post in every topic in the category. “Watching the first post” means you’ll get notified by e-mail about new topics in the corresponding categories.

Tracking” won’t notify you by e-mail at all, but only will increase the counter for the corresponding posts in the forum UI.

Sorry again for the confusion,


I didn’t mind at all. :smiley: It reminded me of all the great info being discussed & shared here in the forum. Got me to come back and do a bit more reading. Thanks for the info about how to tweak our notification settings!


I concur 100%. It’s a perfect unintentional marketing strategy. Try to not let it happen again :smiley: and if it does that’s fine by me.