Formatting bug when adding new items on mobile

Not sure what the preferred forum is for pointing out bugs so I also posted this to uservoice - sorry for the duplication.

When adding new items to a list via Checkvist mobile, Markdown does not render correctly in certain cases in which formatting symbols precede all text.

For example:
**new item**
should render as
new item
but instead drops the opening tag and renders as
new item**

# New item
should render as

New item

but instead renders as plain text
New item

new **item**
renders as expected (new item)

(This behavior occurs using Checkvist Mobile on Android)

Thanks a lot for the bug report, hope to fix in the next mobile release!
It is quite OK to post bugs here, duplication is not a problem :slight_smile:

Should be fixed on our beta mobile site, going to update production the next week