Feedback on Due view

Hi, I have several suggestions for Due view. maybe you could consider implementing/changing some of them:

  1. tick icons for each parent node. I find them rather distracting and have no idea what are they for. guess normal list view would be enough.

  2. assume I have the following structure in the list

  Project 1
    task 1 (due today)
  Project 2
    task 1 (due today)

If I open Due view, then parent node for both tasks will be Projects. imho it’s more useful if parent nodes for tasks would be Project 1 and Project 2 appropriately.

  1. my lists are sorted A-Z. but Due view doesn’t follow the same sorting which is not convenient

  2. no grouping by lists in mobile version.

  3. if an item has some child items, I need to do gg to see/edit them. would be rather useful If I could expand the item right in Due view.

  4. ASAP items go to the very bottom of Today. guess these are important tasks and should be on top.

  5. items order in Due view is different from list view

thank you :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback and sorry for a delay with the answer :slight_smile:

Very subjective. The tick is an indicator of a list in Checkvist UI, so far we’ll keep it this way.

You can use “show context” option [sc] to see the parent items for the task.

If you group Due page by list and the tasks have same due date, the ordering should be preserved.

True, we’d like to implement it in the future.

Nope, in most cases ASAP tasks are not that important than those specifically scheduled for today. Usually, ASAP tasks may migrate from one day to another.

The order depends on the due date and on hierarchy position of the task in the list. Also, grouping by list should be enabled.

All the best,