Feature request | hoisting should display the current node title in the web browser tab as per the breadcrumb

Hello everyone! I have been using Checkvist for a year by now and I’m very pleased on how quick it allows you to build and refactor outlines. I’m also grateful about how such a small developer team is keen to reply to user requests to improve the app.

In the attached screenshot I’m trying to show that while I’m hoisting in (3) different nodes on the same masterlist (Notebook 2021.04) the web browser tab title does not hint in what node I’m actually focused.

Is it possible to make the hoisting breadcrumb path be reflected in the browser tab?? perhaps by displaying the first few words of the node’s text.

Thank you. Keep the good work! :slight_smile:

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Hello @cgomezdr!

Thanks a lot for the kind words. And for the very reasonable suggestion! I hope we’ll implement it soon (in this month at least) and will let you know :slight_smile:

All the best,

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Hi @maxkir,

I guess you had implemented it already :grinning: (see screenshot).

Thank you very much!. God bless.

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Hi, you’re right, we’ve implemented this :slight_smile: I just forgot to answer your into this thread.

Thanks for the great suggestion!

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