(Feature request) - Cloning/mirroring

Hello, thanks for Checkvist, its keyboard driven, modal approach it absolutely delightful, and it has no rival in the productivity/outliner web space.

Did you ever consider implementing clones/mirrors? Basically a list item can be in more that one place at once, and when editing one of them the changes will be visible in all instances. It could use a similar mechanic to linking, using something like (( to mirror an item.

In the outliner space, Workflowy and Legend (formerly Moo.do) have it.

Hello @Adrian,

Thanks for your kind words! “absolutely delightful” - made our day :slight_smile:

Talking about cloning/mirroring, of course, we consider implementing it. But it is not a simple task, so we approach it gradually. Currently, you already can use linking and preview the linked item, it gives you not true mirroring, but a kind of read-only mirroring. You have only place with master version, and other places with read-only links with preview.

This preview feature we introduced in this release: Linking, part II: link anything to anything - Checkvist

And the issue for the true mirroring feature is here, please vote/watch it.

Thanks again,