[Feature] "Due" view by list


Recently I started to manage more “things” in Checkvist and for this, I created many lists.
But… I was expected to have a “due” view for my list A without tasks of list B and vice versa (splitting personal and professional worlds).
To do this, there are many ways (thank you Kirill), but they are not optimal in my opinion:

  • in the list, filter on “due:any” => but things are not sorted chronologically
  • tag a list with a dedicated tag, then in “due” view, enable “group by list” setting and finally, filter on “#dedicatedTag” => almost perfect, but for each time box, the tasks are grouped in a node with the list name

I would like to suggest a new feature to answer to this need, but I would like to have your opinion before.
I see 2 ways to have this feature:

  1. add a new “list:xxx” filter
  2. add the possibility to get the “due” view for a list
  3. I could also be solved with this feature
  4. add a filter “parentTag:xxx” (camelCase, snake_case? You don’t have any of them for now, so it’s just a proposal here, one or the other would be OK for me)

Personally, I would prefer the first one or last one because it wouldn’t overload tasks with parent tags (proposal 3) and (unlike proposal 2) it would leave the ability to mix tasks of many lists if the OR feature was implemented in the future…

What do you think about this please? Does it seem relevant? Do you see other ways to use this feature?

Thank you,

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Thanks a lot for the suggestion!

Technically, “list:XXX” on due page is not very hard to add.
Maybe, we could even add a separate sidebar filter by list name (checkboxes or such?)

But the true question is whether most of our users benefit from this.

Probably saved searches which would include filtered Due pages would be a more generic/better solution: https://checkvist.uservoice.com/forums/2121-checkvist-web/suggestions/1673527-support-saved-searches-dynamic-lists



Personally, I like that we almost don’t need to use the mouse. And, in my opinion, having a sidebar with checkboxes would add need of using the mouse.
Regarding this, I would prefer a filter in the “search” bar.

About the other feature (saved searches), even if I like the idea of this feature, I don’t see how it may fit the need of filtering tasks of only one list.

Thanks for answering and thinking about this feature,

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Thanks, I see, but the sidebar could still be used with keyboard, for sure. We would not release such a feature without the keyboard support :slight_smile:

Anyway, I believe we’ll have to get more demand regarding this request before investing development time into it.

Maybe you’d create such a request in uservoice, and link this discussion there?



As you suggested, I created a ticket for this topic: https://checkvist.uservoice.com/forums/2121-checkvist-web/suggestions/37489504--due-view-by-list
Already 3 votes! (yes, mine…)

Thank you.

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