Faster `tick`on mobile website


first off: Thanks for this beautiful application. I’ve just migrated from Google Tasks. Checkvist seems like Google Tasks melted into vim and overalls feels like a well crafted piece of software. Great Job! :slight_smile:

And now some minor critic :wink: It’s quite hard to tick tasks on the mobile website. I think this could be vastly improved by either:
A.: Switching the default action for selecting a task to tick/untick and allowing for editing on the bottom (where the tick/untick button is atm)
B.: Displaying the checkboxes and ticking when clicking them. Basically just like on the desktop version when activating the “Checkbox” list style.

Would be great to hear your thoughts on this!

All the best

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Hello Sebastián,

Thanks for the kind words. I think we should support “swipe” action for completing items as well as “Checkbox” list style on the mobile application.

At the moment, you can use smart syntax [] on the parent item to enable checkboxes on the list branch, and these checkboxes will work on mobile as well. Hope this may help sometime.


Heyo, I’ve just updated the mobile version and discovered the new “Show checkboxes” option. Thanks for implementing that! :orange_heart:

“swipe action” sound like a good approach as well. This reminds me of clear ticking of items there was bliss

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