Export filtered view

I am very happy to use checkvist. I think it is an extraordinary tool.
I want to thank you for your dedication and attention.

I would like checkvist to be able to export a view filtered by a tag. I am trying to do this but the export shows all content.
Here is an example.


Hello Julio,

I’m afraid export works with all items, not with a filtered view.

You can try using “copy to clipboard” function for the selected nodes, though. You’ll need to select all nodes you want to copy, Ctrl+A shortcut should help.

You can also create a new list from the filtered items, and export it.

Hope some of these options will work for you,

Thank you, I will give it a try.
If not, will this feature be considered in the roadmap?

I’d say rather no than yes, sorry.

Not that easy to implement and not a very popular request, at least so far.