Expand To Level command doesn't respond without editing

I don’t know if this is a bug or the intended behavior. The behavior seems the same in the beta and the released version.

  • I’m in a list that has several levels within each line item.
  • I go to the Expand/Collapse button (ec).
  • The Expand to Level line retains the last level I used.
  • But if I click on the Expand to Level line, nothing happens. I must always edit the level number first in order to get the Expand to Level command to work. This occurs even if I am trying to Expand to the same level I used last time for this command. For example, if I touch ec and the Expand to Level line contains 2, and that’s the level I want, clicking on the Expand to Level line will not change anything in the list. But if I then edit the box and type 2 into the box, then the level will change.

Is it intended that one must always edit that box in order to get the command to function?

Hello @NeilQ ,

Clicking on the line focuses the field with the expand level value to simplify its editing, but to run the action, “Enter” key should be used. If you use Enter to select the item (i.e. ec, down, down, Enter) - it applies the action.

This is how it is supposed to work - does it? Basically, all our menus support keyboard navigation.

Please let me know if it is clearer now.

Kind regards,

Yes, you’re correct. I was double clicking instead of using the Enter key. Thx.

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