Emailing a Checkvist item (and attachment) to someone

Is there an easy way to email attachments t(hat are attached to Checkvist items)?

Hello James,

You can download the attachment locally and e-mail it to someone.

Or you can share the list with the person. Before sharing, you can focus on the specific list item with the attachment (but they will be able to unfocus later, it is not a security measure)

Does it answer your question?

Yes. But what I was hoping for was to be able to simply email an attachment to someone from Checkvist. I was going to have a list of frequently needed files that people request, and from a mobile device (or whatever device) press a key sequence and have any attachments to a Checkvist item emailed to the person(s). Downloading it is possible but hard on a mobile device or just “not quick”. Sharing the list means bringing individuals into Checkvist at a level that in most cases complicates what I am trying to do. I really really like Checkvist, and I am fast trying to make it my “life OS”. This means automating and simplifying as much in my life as possible. Each day I come up with more ideas and things to try. This was just one category of thing that would dramatically simplify my life.