Early experience with cross-linking (great!)

I’ve been using the new cross-linking feature for a few weeks now; it has radically improved and simplified my work flow. I have quite a complex use case - multiple projects in multiple lists, with frequent cross-referencing needed (for example, a list of persons cross-linked to various task lists). The implementation of the cross-linking feature here is just brilliant: it’s very quick and easy to put in a new link with the search popup when you press [[; it’s easy to see what you’rte linking to as you go through a list, since you get popup views of the other links when you hover; when you delete an item in one place you are asked whether you want to delete the other refs; and other nice features. Technically, I am particularly blown away by the speed of the popups showing other possible references and other links, across all my lists; this makes it all very easy to use without hesitations. CheckVist has become more and more essential to my work.


Hello, Charles!
Thanks a lot for sharing :hugs:
We are going to use a similar model to re-work the navigation across lists, too. Hope to become even more essential - useful! - tool for people like you :sunglasses:

Would you want to share your process of managing multiple projects using Checklist. It would be very kind of you.