Drag & drop tiggers text selection artifacts with PWA on iOS

With the PWA on iOS, the “touch, hold, and drag” gesture you need to do to move items is creating some distracting artifacts. It is as if it tries, as we’re moving text, to select some text (which is what the “touch, hold, and drag” gesture does in the browser). Below, you can see me trying to to move the item labeled “Other one”.

This is happening with iOS 15.1, and I am not sure for how long this has been the case. Maybe this can just be dealt with by disabling text selection on items that can be “dragged and dropped” (see this question on Stack Overflow)?


Hello @avernet ,

Thanks for noticing. In fact, we already paid some attention to this problem, so Checkvist does not offer to select the text of the dragged node. But looks like the recent iOS update made text selection “smarter”. We’ll have to try to figure out how to fix it, at the first quick attempt it did not worked.

Will try again and let you know how it goes.

Thanks again,

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Understood, and of course just let me know if I can help with testing anything.