Displaying the date in a much clearer way


I want Checkvist to indicate the date to me in an even clearer manner everywhere. I would like to eliminate designations like “today” or “tomorrow” in Checkvist. I feel that such designations lead me into unnecessary contemplation. It would be much better for me to focus my thoughts on my goal.

Additionally, my other question is related to this: I would like Checkvist to display the date for me without abbreviations in the following format:

Full name of the day in letters/Full name of the month in letters/Two-digit day number/Year with four digits


Tuesday, December 17, 2024

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Hello @christianhodek ,

I’m afraid this change is not a quick fix, and we must postpone it. I believe it should be implemented as full date-format customization, which is why it is not an easy task.

And I suppose you’re referring to not only due dates but also “last updated” and “created” dates.

At the moment, we’re working on adding bookmarks to Checkvist, and this is the feature we’re focused on.

Thanks for understanding,

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Thanks a lot. I wish for you to achieve the goal you’re working on in Checkvist as well as possible, as quickly as possible, and with as much positive feeling as possible.