Disabling 'last edited by'

I’ve accidentally turned on some sort of versioning and edit history overlay.

All of my tasks are displaying ’ edited by X | [at 12:58]’ and I can’t find out how to turn it off.

Bugging the hell out of me - send help!

Help’s here! :woman_superhero:
Seems, you’ve activated the ‘show details’ option accidentally.
Press ‘sd’ or

Thank-you Sashka! That did the trick.

I see that the help description for that item was ‘Show/hide list item details’

I was searching the help file for the text being used in the actual overlay: “created by”, “tags”, “edited by” etc. So that would explain why I couldn’t find it.

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Oh, that’s a fair point.
Will add these keywords to the help file. Thanks for the idea!