Direct link to a list item does not work, if a filter is active in another tab


If I am using a filter in another tab and then open a new tab with a direct link to one of the list items, then the new tab also inherits the filter from the previous tab and does not show me the linked item.

Earlier, it used to work similar, but with the difference that upon clearing the tab filter (ESC ESC), the focus will go to the item originally linked to.

However, this behaviour has changed now and now even after clearing the filter, the focus would not be on the item I need, it would invariably go to the first item on the list. Likely this is a bug that overwrite the previous preferred behaviour.

Could we get back to the previous behaviour please?


Hi @saurabhg9,

I’ll take a look, thanks!. There was indeed a bugfix in the related code, looks like it broke the behaviour you describe.


Hi @maxkir - from what I have seen and for what it’s worth - there seems to be some fragility around the functionality where new checkvist tabs inherit the last used filter. Most of the bugs that I have reported in recent times seems to be around this particular behaviour.

I would request you to consider if we really need this behaviour. Esp. for me who has multiple tabs with multiple filters, it does not make sense and I would much prefer and expect that a new checkvist page not “remember” any filter. Maybe it would simplify by not having this “feature”, than trying to support and fix behaviours that this feature causes.

Just my 2 cents for what its worth :slight_smile:

Should be fixed now on, thanks again for reporting. The functionality is indeed a bit fragile, but I hope we’ll handle it :slight_smile: