Did you know that Edge lets you "app-ize" Checkvist?

Fairly new feature in Microsoft Edge: I’ve really been enjoying the fact that any SaaS app (or I guess any website) can be converted into an app that I can keep for call-up in my taskbar in Windows. So I have the little Checkvist icon in my taskbar that instantly calls up Checkvist in an Edge browser that has no tabs or extra UI components – just Checkvist.

You click the little three-dot thing in the upper left, hover over Apps, and then can install Checkvist as a quasi-app from there.



Ooo! Screenshot perhaps?

That’s pretty cool, but I’m not seeing the benefit over simply opening the website in a separate tab or window. Is it just so you can launch it more easily?

I couldn’t wait to try this myself and I installed it as an app on my computer. What orsonk describes is accurate screenshot below.

To address your point MaudMan, a Windows 10 shortcut that could be very useful is the ability to launch an application from the Windows Task bar using the Keyboard Shortcut Windows Start Key + the position number of the app you want to launch.

In the screenshot below it would be Windows Key + 1. I really like this because what better way to launch the best Keyboard Focused Outliner than with an Operating System Keyboard Shortcut!

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For anyone who wants clear instructions on how to do this on your Edge Browser - here you go!


Here is how it looks on top of this very page in its own window on Windows Just like Inception (a dream within a dream) :wink:

I have so much guilt about how I could be doing much more to promote Checkvist but I will just turn that into little actions. I was thinking about Checkvist all this morning and am glad I can come here to contribute. I will make a promise to use it more at work and share feedback as I could be using it more than I do and sharing about it more as a result. :smiley: I was checking out the about us page and appreciating Sasha’s smile. It stands a perfect contrast to Kir’s pic making it a perfect balance of Yin and Yang :laughing: but I digress. Love Checkvist and will be promoting it in my own unique and creative ways :heart_eyes:


Thank you, Vidderkidder! Also, I said the three dots were on the left, and they’re actually on the RIGHT.

I feel the main benefit is the convenience of having it launch from my taskbar like any other app. It feels like a big deal to me. For others, it might seem minor.

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I think it could seem minor to some folks. To me, it’s very convenient to launch from my taskbar.

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